Engaging Hispanic Heritage Month Activities for Your Family

Our four-part series on how to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with your family is back! Setting the scene for your celebration in your family apartment was covered in Part 1. We will now look at a selection of entertaining activities in Part 2 to assist you and your family in fully experiencing the rich and vivacious culture of Hispanic Heritage Month.


1. Research Hispanic artists and art

Hispanic art is as diverse as the nations it symbolizes, and art is a lovely way to engage with culture. Take your family on a virtual tour of the works of well-known Hispanic artists, such as Salvador Dali's surrealism, Diego Rivera's brilliant paintings, or the vibrant murals created by the Mexican muralist movement. Describe the symbolism of the artwork and its importance to Hispanic culture.

Consider creating a space in your residence where your family may produce original works of art with Hispanic influences. Ensure that everyone has access to supplies like paints, brushes, and canvases while encouraging them to express themselves via art.


2. Read Spanish-language writing

A great method to learn more about this rich legacy is to read novels written by or about Hispanic authors. You can read a vast variety of literature, from classics like "One Hundred Years of Solitude" by Gabriel Garca Márquez to modern books by writers like Isabel Allende or Junot Dáz.

Choose novels that are appropriate for your kids' ages, and then have family reading sessions where you can talk about the plot and characters. This improves your knowledge of Hispanic culture and encourages a love of reading.


3. Organize a night of cultural exchange.

Make a special evening for your family to learn about the traditions and culture of a certain Hispanic nation. Assign a separate country for each family member to investigate, and then share your findings as a group. Prepare regional cuisine, take in local music, and even pick up a few words of the native tongue.

As you learn about the distinctive features of many Hispanic civilizations, this activity encourages a sense of discovery and cohesion.


4. Take Up Language Study

Spend time together as a family during Hispanic Heritage Month developing your language abilities in Spanish, building on the fundamental words you learned in Part 1. To improve your Spanish speaking skills, think about using internet resources or language learning apps. Make it a habit to speak just Spanish during certain times of the day or each week. Together, learning a new language can be entertaining and educational.


5. View Cultural Documentary Films

The best method to learn about all facets of Hispanic culture, from history and politics to food and music, is through documentaries. Look for documentaries that examine subjects like the experience of Latinx people in America, the development of salsa music, or the cultural relevance of customary holidays like Dia de los Muertos.

Discuss with your family what you learned and how it pertains to Hispanic ancestry after you've watched.


6. Compile a family recipe book

Why not create a cookbook with a Hispanic theme using your family's favorite recipes to expand on the idea of preparing traditional Hispanic dishes? Every member of the family is welcome to share their favorite Hispanic meal along with a brief explanation of its cultural significance. This cookbook will be treasured as a memento of your family's affinity for Hispanic food.


7. Mark Independence Day celebrations

Several Latin American nations' independence days fall during Hispanic Heritage Month. Find out the precise dates for these nations, then observe them in your flat. You can make regional specialties and ornaments that reflect each nation's culture. It's an excellent way to discover the historical occurrences that influenced these countries.


8. Let your body move.

Why not host family dance parties as a continuation of the exploration of Hispanic music? Together, learn some fundamental Latin dance steps like bachata, merengue, or salsa. Dancing is a great opportunity to connect with the rhythm and spirit of Hispanic culture as well as a pleasant physical activity.

You can make Hispanic Heritage Month a special and instructive experience for your family in the convenience of your apartment by using these fun activities. Watch for Part 3 of our series, where we discuss how to interact with your neighborhood and take part in larger celebrations while adhering to social distance rules. Keep exploring cultures in your residence until then!


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Sep 14