What NOT To Do: New Apartment Checklist

There are plenty of exciting opportunities in a new apartment, but there are many simple things that you may be doing wrong. To save your future self from embarrassment, here is a list of the most common errors for new apartment owners and how to avoid them.   


Don’t neglect the smaller parts of your apartment.   

Now there are a lot of brand-new things to adjust to in a new apartment, but most new apartments overwhelm you with excitement or nerves about what the next chapter holds for you. Because of these many people forget to check up on the less obvious parts of their apartments, and this can lead to more problems down the road. Make sure to check things like your air filters, the nooks, and the crannies of those hard-to-reach kitchen cabinets, the back parts of the oven, etc. This may seem like a chore, but most people who end up with some kind of issue within the first couple of months forget these parts of their apartment and it’s very hard to keep everything clean after a few months of neglect.   

Don’t forget to open your windows when you’re cooking.  

This may not seem like a big deal for many people, but the difference becomes noticeable, and you’ll be happy you took the time to make this a habit. When you’re cooking, there will obviously be the inviting scent of your meal wafting throughout your apartment, but after the meal is over, you most definitely do not want that smell to linger too long. This simple fix of cracking a window or two will save you from regret, so remember to make it a habit.  

Don’t start messes that you don’t want to clean up.   

Again, this seems obvious, but with a concerted effort to stick to this policy, your apartment will stay clean and neat without much effort at all. Most of us don’t notice the little things we do that create messes, but after a while, the mountain of mess crashes down on top of you. To stop this nightmare from happening, start doing the simple things, like making a routine out of rinsing your dishes right after dinner or putting away (at least half of) the laundry when it comes out of the dryer. It may seem tedious at first, but as it is with any habit, you’ll forget you’re doing it after it sets in.   

Don’t overcrowd your space.   

Finally, and this one might be the most important, make sure you don’t go overboard with decorating the apartment. In a new empty space, your instinct might be to fill up every empty corner with trinkets and decorative pieces, but if you recognize the value of empty space in interior design, you’ll not only save yourself from an eyesore, but you can save some serious money that you can put toward a few, high-quality décor pieces that will bring a smile to your face. The trick here is to really think about what you’ll be doing day-to-day, for example, whichever side of the couch you prefer should have less obstructive décor, or when it comes to walkways and areas near your doors, keep them clear with only a few, unobstructive pieces to tie them together. Essentially you want to make your new apartment feel like home, not a home furnishing store, so be mindful and have some fun with it!  

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Feb 21